Campus Recruitment Outsourcing

Campus Recruitment Outsourcing

URS is the most comprehensive program that helps an individual transition from a Campus student to a Corporate professional.

The students who participate in URS CRO services get superior advantages:

  • ► Job leading to a rewarding career: Students get a leap-start to their professional life. They get a job leading to
         a rewarding career.
  • ► Opportunities with best employers: URS partners with companies for providing quality entry-level talent. As a
         result, students get more career options through URS system.
  • ► Smooth transition from college to corporate: URS offers services to students while they are in Campus itself.
         This helps student get a job by the time they graduate thereby avoiding wasted time before starting their
         professional life. The URS grooming helps students make it a smooth transition to professional life.
  • ► Skills for a lifetime: URS system provides the foundation skills that are required to do well in professional life.
         Though the knowledge acquired may not remain relevant after some years, the skills remain with the person
         for a lifetime.

URS Services for CORPORATES:

Hire the Assessed

URS supports partner companies in fulfilling their campus hiring mandate through a large pool of pre-assessed talent. We offer a comprehensive suite of employability assessments (across the domains of Technical, Problem Solving/Aptitude, Communication & Personal Effectiveness) that help companies build effectiveness in quality selection, hiring, retaining and developing great talent. Hire and Train

URS runs pre hire training programs closely tied to the requirements of partner organization. The training programs are organized while the candidates are still at college. These programs are meant to significantly reduce the costs and time-to-deploy. The programs are scientifically designed and delivered in a strong metric driven environment by industry experts through blended learning by leveraging latest technology . Train the Hired

URS provides turn-key Induction Training, High-end Skill Training and Project Specific Customized Training solutions to the hired manpower of the partner organizations. The venue for the training can be either URS facility or the client's facility. The programs are scientifically designed and delivered in a strong metric driven environment by industry experts through blended learning by leveraging latest technology. What we can do for you?

  • ► Campus short-listing
  • ► Manage communication with college
  • ► Create positive influence on campus dates
  • ► On-campus promotion & branding
  • ► Q bank and test development
  • ► Proctored test administration & evaluation
  • ► Conduct first level Technical & Behavioral interviews
  • ► Campus event logistics management
  • ► Offer roll outs
  • ► Post offer engagement program
  • ► Joining and on-boarding co-ordination
  • ► Deliver training programs on campus
  • ► Train students across Technical & Business Skills
  • ► Conduct Pre Hire & Post Hire training as per client needs

The only two things you need to do:

  • ► Share your hiring numbers with us
  • ► Final Interview & select hires


Sourcing Assessments Training On-boarding

URS's CAM + CRO has an underlying philosophy of "learner takes one step better than the previous one to attain the goal". The heart of this method lies in the system's ability to measure one's performance and suggest corrective action that takes the learner closer to the goal. The method delivers the same way as a student who is getting personal coaching from an experienced guru learns. URS drives this experience by employing best-of-the-breed design and pedagogical standards, domain experts and state-of-the-art technology.

There are three components to the URS Skill Enhancement Programme:

  • ► Program Design: Design mapped to make candidates ready for a particular entry-level role.
  • ► Domain Experts: Hand picked trainers from the industry who have "been there', "done that".
  • ► URS Active Learning Environment Platform: Cutting edge technology platform for delivering effective learning at scale.