Career Advisory And Mentoring

Career Advisory And Mentoring

Every student aspires to make it big in the corporate world. However, not everyone gets to start the career on a promising note. Most students suffer from a mix of under-skilled and under-exposed. Under-skilled refers to the situation where the student does not have the right skills that industry is looking for. These skills could be a mix of behavioural, communication, cognitive or technical in nature. Under-exposed refers to the situation where student has the requisite skill-set but is not able to connect to the right organization that needs candidates with that skill-set.

URS helps a student benchmark skill's with industry expectations. After that, URS Career Programs build the necessary skill-set for specific roles in the industry and then provides opportunities to connect with the right organization through URS Resourcing Services.

URS offer different programs to help students in their efforts to start a rewarding career. The programs are divided into 3 folds:

  • ► Career Programs: URS Career Programs are mapped to specific roles in the industry. These programs impart both domain and organizational skills thereby making the
         candidate workplace ready.
  • ► Skill Modules: These modules are meant for students who want to strengthen their skills in selective areas like written communication or problem solving etc.
  • ► Assessment Series: The assessment series is meant for students who want to understand their level of preparedness on industry expectation. The student gets a
         comprehensive skill-level analysis of the performance and benchmarking against standard.

Domain Experts

URS believes in engaging the best of the resources from the industry for delivering our programs. These domain experts engage with the students through out the program to make sure that the students develop the expertise of managing the tasks.

URS engages with a team of domain experts for various roles:

  • ► Process and Functional Experts
  • ► Language and Communication Experts
  • ► Organizational Experts