Chief Human Resource Officers

Chief Human Resource Officers


CHRO & URS is a Not for Profit Foundation in the world of Life Long Learning & Skill Enhancement Our vision is a world of inspired business leaders implementing business success along with bridging the gap of increasing demand of skilled professional and making a change for betterment of society.

CHRO is devoted to supporting the professional and advancing the profession of human resource management in India. Whether it is offering professional development programs or conducting joint research, CHRO India's mission is to leverage the strengths of the professional in India to share information and advance the human resource profession in a global community.

As globalization becomes a daily reality for businesses, and with India playing a significant role in this ever-changing landscape, CHRO realizes it is important to link HR professionals through information sharing and networks. CHRO will bring the global thinking and best practices in an exchange with the HR profession in India for the betterment of all HR practitioners.

CHRO Certification

HR professionals can proudly maintain the CHRO Certification credentials as a mark of high professional distinction.

The CHRO is an emerging pioneer in developing rigorous sessions to demonstrate mastery and real-world application of forward-thinking HR practices, policies and principles through HR Forums.

HR Disciplines

"Forums" or "Focus Areas," feature content from the entire spectrum of HR-related topics as mentioned below:

  • ► Benefits
  • ► Business Leadership
  • ► Compensation
  • ► Diversity
  • ► Consulting
  • ► Employee Relations
  • ► Ethics & Sustainability
  • ► Labor Relations
  • ► Global HR
  • ► Technology
  • ► Staffing & Management
  • ► Safety & Security
  • ► Organizational & Employee Development
  • ► Talent Acquisition & People flows
  • ► Performance Management
  • ► Strategic HRM
  • ► Employee Advocacy & Relations
  • ► Social Media & HR

  • Events & Seminars

  • ► Knowledge Center Events
  • ► Periodic Conferences & Seminars
  • ► Round Table Forums
  • ► Annual CHRO Conference

  • The Benefits...

  • ► Access to industry best practices, sample forms and policies, cutting-edge HR research, and general HR information.
  • ► Virtual learning events.
  • ► Certification to enhance the credentials
  • ► More Importantly your own contribution to creating skilled and valuable talent which will solve the talent management problem for India

Become a CHRO Member!


You can have access to industry best practices, sample forms, policies and general HR information, and the ability to ask specific HR questions, then CHRO membership is for you! As a member, you will be a part of the CHRO knowledge network with access to a vast library of HR-related content and an engaged community of HR professionals. Through our knowledge center, you will be able to participate in virtual learning events and have the ability to ask specific HR questions to our knowledge advisors and subject matter experts.

Annual Membership with Silver CHRO certification at 100 USD OR 6500 INR Kindly email your details along with full name,current company name and job designation as
CHRO membership is awarded only after evaluation by the CHRO Steering Committee