Executive Education

Executive Education

Assessing Your Needs

With the goal of forming a successful partnership, we work closely with you to identify and thoroughly understand your needs, and then tie program objectives directly to your organization's strategy. URS's flexible Needs Assessment Methodology ensures that every component of the program's curriculum targets the specific needs of your organization.

Learning techniques

In order to ensure participants thoroughly assimilate the concepts presented during the program, there is a high level exchange between participants and faculty. Through the use of simulations, case studies, and action learning, participants integrate what they learn into business strategy.

Real Business Issues

To achieve the most impact, theory must be grounded in practical application. Our faculty members are actively engaged with corporations around the globe and bring those insights to the classroom. In many instances, participants are asked to provide details of a current business challenge, which are analyzed by fellow participants and faculty throughout the program. The result is an action plan tailored to the challenges at hand. Delivering Impact through Education: URS Learning Continuum

To deliver Impact through Education, we have developed the URS Learning Continuum, an exclusive Enterprise Learning Framework. This comprehensive, ongoing educational and practical approach delivers impact well beyond the traditional one- or two-week

residential classroom experience.

Designed to deeply engage your executives in a highly integrated series of interactive lectures, case studies, simulations, and faculty and group discussions, URS seamlessly blends program components for maximum impact. It enables participants to work on live individual and organizational issues, integrate the knowledge gained from the program into their work, and develop solutions that can be implemented and all this is delivered On-Line.