Research Consulting


URS International specializes in conducting industry research, with large experience in conventional as well as sunrise and niche industries. Our unique approach to Industry research and proprietary industry frameworks helps us provide a complete 360-degree assessment of an Industry to make sure that your Investment decisions are well researched. Our incisive analysis assists you in identifying the white spaces in the industry. Our ability to deliver a bottoms-up market sizing in niche industries, which have limited coverage in the secondary domain, is our key differentiator. This ability combined with our endeavor to add value on the back of in-depth primary research empowers us to validate the key trends, identify little-known industry insights and importantly, address any specific questions on the industry.

URS International Services:

  • ► Market size, segmentation & growth
  • ► Supply-demand analysis
  • ► Industry outlook
  • ► Industry structure
  • ► Cost structure and profitability


URS has long established relationships with the C-Suite, Strategy teams and M&A professionals of large corporate houses, Corporate Advisory and Restructuring divisions of Consulting firms and Portfolio management teams of PE firms to provide customized research, using our global delivery model and multi-lingual capabilities. Our wide array of services, spanning strategic initiatives including Diversification, Go-to-Market and Feasibility studies to tactical solutions such as competitor tracking and company profiles empower the senior management and strategy teams to make informed decisions. All these services are offered as branding platforms and in-house staffing while making sure that the company remains one step ahead of its competition on the back of cutting-edge insights.

URS International Services:

  • ► Go-to-Market strategy
  • ► Diversification strategy
  • ► Partner identification studies
  • ► Product health checks
  • ► Growth opportunity evaluation


URS helps in developing a brand strategy which is vital for any business as it assists in attaining the goal of enhancing sales and achieving a sustainable competitive advantage. We understand that the brand strategy is not only about reaching out to customers and partners, but also about developing long-term and profitable relationships with those customers. We will help you in understanding customer needs, proactively reaching out to them to address your end-client's pain points and aligning your products and services to those needs. Our solutions also take benefit of data revolution and provide data-driven marketing solutions to help companies identify quick, targeted, customized solutions as well as strategic and operational improvements to boost performance.

URS International Services:

  • ► B2B and B2C surveys
  • ► Channel check surveys
  • ► Product design surveys
  • ► Product concept testing
  • ► Business outlook analysis